Modelling the Process of Reflection in Pre-Service Teacher Education

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The article traces the role of reflection in teacher education and explores the issue of the necessity of creating a system of developing students’ reflective skills in the process of their university studies. The model of guided reflection employed at the Department of Foreign Philology at H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University is described in detail. The group of 30 students were observed during three academic years (2017-2020) and their performance, attitudes and behaviours were examined through different research methods, including qualitative and quantitative analysis of various documents (questionnaires, self-assessment lists, observation charts, reflective essays etc.) and interviews with participant focus groups. The article presents samples of activities used in pedagogy and methodology classes, and observations of students’ behaviours while performing them. The collected data prove that by constant and sufficient scaffolding, interaction with the ‘knowledgeable other’, students manage to get accustomed to continuous reflection, are getting aware of the benefits of reflection, and are developing skills of reflective practitioners, which are crucial for their further professional and personal growth. The findings of the study can be applied by university teachers engaged in pre-service teacher education.
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pre-service teacher education, in-action reflection, on-action reflection, pedagogical improvisation, skills of reflective practitioner
Krapivnyk, G., Tuchyna, N., Bashkir, O., Borysov, V., Gonchar, O., & Plakhtyeyeva, V. (2021). Modelling the Process of Reflection in Pre-Service Teacher Education. Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 13(3), 116-133.