Визначення споживання в українській соціологічній традиції

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Класичний приватний університет, м. Запоріжжя
У статті досліджено особливості концепцій та поглядів на споживання в теоріях українських соціологів, таких як І. Франко, М. Туган-Барановський, С. Дністрянський. Розглянуто теорії споживання сучасних українських науковців, таких як Я. Зоська, Т. Петрушина, Є. Суїменко, В. Тарасенко та ін. Завдяки аналізу їх теоретичного надбання можна надати визначення категорії «споживання» в українській соціологічній традиції. В статье исследованы особенности концепций и взглядов на потребление в теориях украинских социологов, таких как И. Франко, М. Туган-Барановский, С. Днестровский. Рассмотрены теории потребления современных украинских ученых, таких как Я. Зоська, Т. Петрушина (Ефременко), Е. Суименко, В. Тарасенко и др. Благодаря анализу их теоретического наследия дано определение категории «потребление» в украинской социологической традиции. The current state of our sociology is determined, above all, the general situation in the country. System changes in the society originally displayed in sociology. In addition, the main problem between the society and the central problem of sociology there is a certain analogy and there is a search for identity. Ukrainian society is looking for its place in the modern world for themselves aware of who they is in the global context. Identifying the specific social practices consumption and transitional societies where consumer society is in the «embryonic» state, particularly in Ukraine and Determination of validity applying the concept «consumer society» to characterize the modern Ukrainian society is important and necessary. The current state of cultural consumption as the Ukrainian economy, politics, and social sphere can be characterized as a transition. This process began with the collapse of the USSR in the late 80’s – early 90-ies of XX century. Culture of consumption, which is typical for the state planned economies and the culture of consumption in market-oriented economies are based on opposite principles. In the first case, the relationship between the production and consumption directive set by the state. The features of the distribution determine the norms and values of consumption and consumer behavior. In a market system of secondary consumption. This sector consumption directly through the market mechanism determines the quantity and quality of product produced indirectly – trends of the productive sector. In today’s Ukraine, market mechanisms of self-regulation are not yet fully in all areas, but the way already meets consumer market types. There is a base for the formation of a new culture of consumption principle the possibility of free consumer choice within available resources. You can trace some of the trends of development. There are several important features of formation of new consumption culture in Ukraine. First of all this uncertainty directions of reform in the early 90-ies of XX century. The reforms implemented in the country not only without waste transfer model, but also even without precise ideas about how the society should be built. The destruction of elements of the old system occurred faster than the creation of the corresponding new items. This transition is accompanied by a prolonged economic crisis, hyperinflation, falling living standards. The transition period was long, and people – psychologically not ready. This creates a period in consumption of specific events. It creates a temporary consumption pattern, for example, a situation where factory workers wages are not given money and production company. Purpose of the article – to analyze the category of «consumer» on the territory of the Ukrainian Sociology. Periodization studies of consumption in Ukraine can be represented as follows: protoperiod (I. Franko, M. Tugan-Baranowski, S. Dnistryansky) during the Marxist methodology and modern times (T. Petrushyna, E. Suyimenko, J. Zoska). The first phase, phase of the basis sociology of consumption in Ukraine related to the construction of the state. Second period – the period of Marxist methodology, by its nature, is a stage of concentrating attention study of consumption within the design model of building a socialist society. The third stage – the stage today, which continues the tradition protoperiodu sociological research, but considering the theoretical basis of European sociology. This phase is characterized by a synthesis of research use in combination broader economic and ethnic studies.
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споживання, суспільство споживання, соціальні зв’язки, українська соціологія, потребление, общество потребления, социальные связи, украинская социология, consumption, consumer society, social relations, Ukrainian Sociology
Горбачов А. В. Визначення споживання в українській соціологічній традиції / А. В. Горбачов // Соціальні технології : актуальні проблеми теорії та практики : зб. наук. пр. / Класич. приват. ун-т. – Запоріжжя : КПУ, 2017. – Вип. 74. – С. 40–46.