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Харківський національний педагогічний університет імені Г. С. Сковороди
У статті розглядається вплив ринкової економіки на освітні процеси на глобальному та національному рівнях. Аналізуються умови комерціоналізації сучасної освіти та її наслідки. Висвітлюється роль освіти і грошей у стратегіях життєтворчості сучасної людини. Доводиться, що фінансування освіти має стати дієвим засобом забезпечення її якості. The article tells about the impact of a market economy on educational processes at the global and national levels. The interrelation of education and money, the reasons influencing its evolution, factors that stimulate and hold the system of social interaction of education and the economy, social relations and human development are considered. A review of contemporary sociocultural contexts on the relationship between the philosophy of education and the philosophy of money conducted. The relationship of the market, property and freedom, the necessary conditions for market balance, ensuring human freedom and social justice are examined. The educational aspect of the theory of money is studied, which has an interdisciplinary nature, including such scientific spheres and areas as the theory of globalization, philosophy of education, the economics of education, the theory of social management, psychology of money, social ethics, economic ethics, financial law and others. Money issues are analyzed in the context of modernization of the educational system of Ukraine: the economic dimension of education in society; education management; optimization of education financing system; educational services as a product; school economics (shadow economy of the school); education as a business in the status and capital markets; how to make Ukrainian education attractive for investors. The process of the poverty spread, its depth, the critical polarization of income between social groups, the influence of these processes on the quality of education and attitudes towards it are also studied. The integration function of education is determined for the cultural and civilizational state development, society and nation. The necessity of solving such a serious problem as the system of hidden monopolies, state bureaucracy, the absence of real economic freedom, removal of citizens from the mechanisms of social management, the lack of real democracy, control over public authorities is being justified. The conditions of the commercialization of modern education and its consequences are analyzed is well. The role of education and money in the strategies of the life-creation of a modern person is pointed out. It has been proven that education funding should be an effective means of ensuring its quality.
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освіта, гроші, глобалізація освіти, комерціалізація освіти, свобода, право, демократія, education, money, educational globalization, educational commercialization, liberty, law, democracy
Сааков С. О. Освіта і ринкова економіка: їх взаємозв’язок і взаємовплив / С. О. Сааков // Вісник Харківського національного педагогічного університету імені Г. С. Сковороди. Філософія. – Харків, 2019. – Вип. 52 (2). – С. 29–39.