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Based on the results of the analysis of scientific literature, the essence of professional self-realization of high school teachers as a process and the result of their own transformative activity is revealed, which represents self-knowledge and conformity of personal and professional qualities to the requirements of pedagogical activity, qualitative fulfillment of professional duties, designing positive self-changes and achievement of the highest self-changes, the results of both their own and the students they teach. The structure of high school teachers' professional self-realization as a set of concrete actions is revealed, namely: self-recognition and self-determination based on reflection; self-actualization and self-forecasting; directly self-realization as identified potential forces, self-design, self-organization and self-management; self-improvement - self-regulation, self-control and self-esteem, self-affirmation; self-development in pedagogical activity, subordinated to the purpose and tasks, motivation and value pedagogical orientations. It is found out that in the pedagogical activity professional self-realization performs diagnostic, designing, educational, developmental, self-educational, self-educational functions. The educational project activity of high school teachers is characterized as designing in the pedagogical process, self-projecting of positive changes in pedagogical activity, creation and implementation of educational projects. The essential characteristics of the educational project activity include purposefulness, the possibility of revealing individuality, search and transformative nature of the activity, teamwork and collective expression of thought, connection of theory with practice, creation of the ideal or material educational product, as well as clarified thematic direction of the educational- project activities of high school teachers(psychological and pedagogical, socio-cultural, personal problems of the person). In the scientific work the components of professional self-realization of high school high school teachers(motivational-purpose, content-activity, evaluation-personal), its levels (creative, reproductive, potential) are revealed. The effectiveness of pedagogical conditions of professional self-realization of high school high school teachers in educational project activity is theoretically grounded and experimentally tested, namely: stimulation of positive motivation of professional self-realization of high school high school teachers in educational and project activity; providing high school high school teacherswith scientific and methodological assistance regarding the disclosure of their educational and project potential by the educational management bodies, the EGSE administration, district methodical centers and school methodological associations of high school teachers; creation and implementation of educational projects with high school students and various educational and social institutes (EHE, scientific institutions, family, public organizations). According to the results of the pedagogical experiment, the number of high school teachersof the high school of experimental groups, who were aware and adequately compared their needs and abilities with the requirements of educational and project activity (increase + 48,8%), took an active part in educational projects, had high their own achievements, preparing students for the Olympics, competitions and had among them winners (an increase of + 23.8%) adequately evaluated their own abilities on the basis of self-examination (an increase of + 47.6%). The effectiveness of professional self-realization of high school high school teachers is evidenced by the awards they received, letters of commendation, certificates, student victories at subject Olympiads, in the competitions of the SAS. It is noted that the increase in the levels of professional self-realization of high school teachers in the experimental groups had a positive impact on the results of training and education of high school students, their professional self-determination. According to certain components of high school teachers' professional self-realization, criteria with corresponding indicators of the levels of detection of the phenomenon in the educational-project activity are specified, namely: motivational-potential (the desire to discover their own potential and improve themselves in the educational-project activity, the desire to not succeed ); cognitive-designing (knowledge of one's own professional "I" -conception, essence of educational-project activity, its importance for achievement of the purpose and result of professional self-realization of high school teachers, methods of creation and development of educational projects, age peculiarities of high school students and features of professional self-realization; - forecasting, designing, planning, modeling, designing, self-organization); reflexive-analytical (analysis of results and anticipation of further self-improvement in pedagogical activity, self-esteem, expression of one's own activity, initiative, intuition, creativity, determination, independence, stress resistance). On the basis of specified criteria (motivational-potential, cognitive-designing, reflexive-analytical) and corresponding indicators of levels of professional self-realization of high school teachers of high school in the educational project activity, the analysis of the obtained results was carried out. The study does not exhaust all aspects of the problem. Prospects and further intelligence are to investigate the problem of high school teachers' professional self-realization in pedagogical activity, to develop mechanisms for involving them in the creation and implementation of educational projects.
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professional self-realization, high school teachers, educational project activity, New Ukrainian school, професійна самореалізація, учителі старшої школи, освітня проєктна діяльність, Нова українська школа, профессиональная самореализация, учителя старшей школы, образовательная проектная деятельность, Новая украинская школа
Professional self-realization of high school teachers in educational project activity in the context of the New Ukrainian school : monograph / L. S. Rybalko, S. V. Kirychenko, R. I. Chernovol-Tkachenko, H.O. Jose da Costa // Heritage of european science. – Karlsruhe : SWorld-NetAkhatAV, 2020. – Book 1, part 2. – 157 p.