Welcome to the Electronic Archive of G. S. Scovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogic University!

EKhNPUIR– (Electronic Kharkiv National Pedagogic University Institutional Repository) – open electronic archive (repository) of G. S. Scovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogic University.

Electronic full-text documents of scientific and training methodological appointment, conducted by scientists, tutors, postgraduates, masters and university students are placed in EKhNPUIR.

The placing of students’ scientific research works is conducted under scientific adviser’s recommendation.

The filling of Repository is regulated by the Electronic Repository Position, approved by Academic Council of KhNPU named after G. S. Scovoroda.

Regulation on electronic repository for G. S. Scovoroda KhNPU

Copyright agreement

For questions about placing the publications to the Repository adress: Korobkina Olena Gennad’evna (s. Valentynivska, 2, r. 227-B, tel. 68-11-72, email: depositor1811@gmail.com).